Online Shopping Feature on Instagram

Friday, 5 June 2015

Impulse shoppers and fashionistas beware, online shopping was made even easier! Instagram has just announced the release of a new feature - the "Shop now" button, helping us reach a completely different level of social engagement with brands. Just imagine: you're browsing through your Instagram feed, you see the cutest pair of shoes or that perfect dreamy dress you were hoping to find for a wedding you're going to attend and bam! you click the shop now button and you order it in a matter of seconds. Sounds just like a shopper's dream! The only thing that has to keep up with us are our bank accounts haha!
Brands are already excited about the possibilities this feature opens up and we're probably going to see a lot of endorsement from their part. Old Navy media director Michele Schuh stated for Adweek that "[Instagram is] an ideal platform to shop on as it's so visual and fashion oriented. We're thrilled that Instagram is now offering users the ability to click directly through to a product, creating instant gratification without any cumbersome steps."
This is how the feature should look like on certain promotions:




Join the debate! What do you think of this new feature? Would you be willing to try it or do you think that it will turn the app into something too commercial? It's definitely going to be much more difficult to resist the temptation!

Photos:, Adweek


Marissa D said...

heard about it, oh god I will throw away my credit card !!

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