Menswear Inspiration: H&M UK Collaborates with British GQ

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Only the lost travel to find themselves. 
I travel for travel's sake.

H&M UK teamed up with British GQ to take us on a journey full of adventure all the way up to Marrakech. The stylish traveler brings with him a vibe of easy casual style and a touch of ethnicity which can both be found in the latest menswear collection from H&M. Created as a conceptual road trip throughout the continents, the collection can be divided into three big moments: Californian Soul, The Asian Occasion and South American Diaries. You can check out British GQ's website for a closer look at the individual pieces and maybe win a gift card if you're lucky. 

What I loved most about this collection is its presentation, it makes you want to go home, pack your bags and go on anywhere you want: "This season's robust menswear collection at H&M has packed distressed denim, khaki and tropical prints, providing rugged layers for the adventurer looking to lose himself abroad."

Photos: British GQ

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