Les Lignes de Nazca: Erin Wasson for Vogue Paris

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Magazine: Vogue Paris April 2013
Editorial: Les Lignes de Nazca
Model: Erin Wasson
Photographer: Mario Testino
Styling: Anastasia Barbieri
Location: Peru

Vogue Paris chose Peru as their latest inspiration and dedicated the whole April issue to this fabulous country, full of mystery and color. In an editorial shot by Mario Testino, Erin Wasson portrays the famous German mathematician Maria Reiche, who dedicated her life to the preservation of the Nazca lines - a series of ancient geoglyphs located in the Nazca desert in southern Peru. The lines stretch on an arid plateau and depict hundreds of individual figures ranging from simple lines to stylized versions of animals, trees and even flowers. The lines were designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.

While the styling of this editorial doesn't necessarily speak high fashion or resonate with the chic essence of Vogue Paris, I think that choosing to dedicate an entire issue to such an exotic country was a very bold choice of the editorial team. They wondered away from their comfort zone and managed to integrate many interesting stories related to Peru's history in their fashionable storylines. You can judge the result for yourselves:

I'm really enjoying the warm color palette of these shots and the relaxed looks. What's your favorite look?


the chilicool said...

Amazing photos!
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LOVE JOICE said...

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Sam said...

I haven't seen Erin in editorial for ages, great concept and dedication.

Laia herrero said...

Well I can say I'm not impressed by the collection, I would only choose the navy styled sweater but the pictures are completely amazing, the last one is my favourite!
And I'm glad they are working to preserve this beautiful place in Peru, looks like an awesome place.
Kisses Sam, glad to have you back!

Daura said...

Not my favourite editorial, but it is interesting to see how Mario Testino plays with the warm tones. I tend to shy away from orange tints in my photos but he does pull it off well here. I appreciate this well-written post!


Diana Marks said...

very cool campaign
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Nery Hdez said...

Very nice!

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Ellen Kaminagakura said...

They were certainly out of the comfort zone but I loved the photo no. 3, 5 and 6 !


xoxo from Japan

fiammisday said...

These pics are AMAZING!!! Abig kiss from Italy!!


Ka MI said...

An amazing, inspiring, adventurous issue indeed! I have a friend traveling there this month (plus Bolivia) cant wait for her to tell me how it was!


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