Coca Cola Light by Marc Jacobs

Thursday, 14 March 2013

A lot of famous designers have reinvented the Diet Coke bottles and cans over the past few years. Joining the ranks of Jean Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld or Versace, this year it was Marc Jacobs's turn to be appointed its creative director. In 2013 Diet Coke turns 30, so the designer wanted to illustrate a different decade on the bottles. The eighties bottle shows an androgynous power woman, the nineties show the glamorous woman and finally the turn of the millennium reveals an eclectic woman, free to express herself in  any way she wants. The stunning model featuring in the ads alongside the designer is Ginta Lapina.

Explaining his motivation behind this collaboration, Marc Jacobs said that "Andy Warhol once said: 'The great thing about Coke is that Nancy Reagan's Coke tastes the same.' I don't like that ivory tower of fashion, that snobbery. Things should be honest.". Have a look at these great ads!

Which one is your favorite? I really like the exuberant 2000s girl, she looks very fresh and fun with all those colorful stripes!

Photos: Elle,

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