Photo of the Week: New York City Skyline

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of

I chose this photo of the New York City skyline, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building as my photo of the week, because of how much of an inspiration this city is for me right now after an intensive Gossip Girl marathon with my boyfriend (yes, he actually enjoys it!). The city that never sleeps, the city of dreams, the city with probably the best hot dogs in the world, the craziest fashion, the biggest park, the best pepperoni pizza, the home of so many artists - New York, you are an inspiration to me!

What's your city inspiration of the moment?



sonia de macedo said...

Soooo beautiful! <3


Sveva said...


life is style said...

lovely :))))

Margaret Cruzemark said...

I think Berlin will always be an inspiration for me, not only for historical aspect but because it a very very different city from all the cities in Germany and that is because Berlin has so many young people living there!!
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

poziomka said...

Amazing pic! I went to New York 4 years ago and it's an amazing city :)

Ceciliette said...

Ohh your quote of "empire state of min" song!! <3
I've been only 24 hours in new york and i felt in love with it. 10 years and i still wanna go back! i dont know what it has, but i love it! Its an endless inspiration city!

Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

I love this picture!
My inspiration right now? Being midnight...that would be my bed!!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Diana Marks said...

What a great picture!! Love New York. But I think my current city inspiration is Paris, since I just ordered a big Paris photo for my living room wall. Have a great day!

LA By Diana Live Magazine

milecar said...

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Mira said...

What an awesome pic. Saw the amazing Spiderman yesterday and I thought the city is just gorgeous!!


Outside Looking In said...

I do love NYC and I'm also a huge fan of Gossip Girl but right now I'm obsessed with Paris!

miss b said...

What a stunning photo - I love skylines like this with the different shapes and sizes of skyscrapers.

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