Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week FW 2012: Jean Paul Gaultier

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

After all the sweetness and sobriety of the last two runway shows, I thought I should wake you up with some scandalous, genuine Jean Paul Gaultier! The FW collection was a bit all over the place unfortunately, showcasing not one but seemingly all of the designer's cult pieces in just one show - such as the corset cage dresses, the kimonos and kaftans or the fancy suits and top hats for menswear. Although it seemed a bit non-cohesive, the collection was designed under a central theme, the movie "Confessions of a Child of the Century", that the designer saw while he was in the jury for the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year. 

Among the multitude of overworked looks, there were still some great pieces in the collection that I really enjoyed watching , such as the dress in the opening photo with a very interesting shoulder detail or the sheer black sparkly dress worn by Karlie Kloss. Here are the most interesting looks from the runway, including a few menswear looks here and there:

What do you think of the overall collection? Over the top an all over the place, but it still has its good pieces in my opinion.



Call me M said...

Very theatrical! I really liked some of the coats! Although most of the clothes are a bit extravagant! said...

Yeah.. it is indeed a bit strange that there is not more coherency between the pieces... but oh well, why not do something different for once indeed. And come on, all the kimonos, retro furs, dresses are outstanding. Grand Jean-Paul!

Ileana said...

Love it! The first one is omg! and so mnuch fur ... beautiful collection :)

miss b said...

I love the unusual colour of the first dress and the gorgeous pleated fabric. Some interesting designs and the collection will certainly provoke much discussion.

Michelle Lee said...

love this!

Tammy Lau said...

Nice post:) Love all the photos you picked!!!

I followed you on bloglovin already. pls come visit me often:))

Virna √ćvinna said...

Really great post! Love it

the chilicool said...

Love the last pic, that dress is to die for!!




Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

He is very creative, i like most of his collections!

Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Collections said...

Awesome stuff. Love the women in the suits.


Flavia Flanders said...

Impossible not to love this collection, very truth to the soul of the brand.
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Twitter: @flaviaflanders
Fringe Indie Magazine

Admirably Pretty said...

Such a great collection! I love this selection you made.

XO, Imke

Wedekind said...

I’ve spotted some nice outfits there, love the dramatic theme.
and: Yes, I really bought them at the hardware store! cheap & chic!

Heartbeats from Vienna Wedekind

Ivy Nimako said...

Now this is why I LOVE FASHION-fun, cooky, different and anything goes.
I do love me the first lime green dress-very naughty but nice.


just angelina said...

I like the detail on the shoulders in the first photo and the jumpsuit in the third one (this one is awesome)! But I don't like the rest of the looks! They are too extravagant for me!


youy said...

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