Victoria Beckham's Birkin bag collection

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Everybody knows that Victoria Beckham has great style, it seems that it's enough for her just to roll out of bed and be perfect for any occasion! It also helps that she has any designer at her fingertips in her closet. However, one fashion house in particular seems to be her basic go-to brand and that's Hermès. Victoria is just in love with their bags and she owns quite an impressive collection - more than 100 (yes, one hundred!) Birkin bags, not counting other models! Victoria wears them everywhere, from a plane ride to a kid's birthday party or a night out at a restaurant and shows us how versatile the bag can be. Evaluated at around 1.5 million pounds, her Birkin collection has everything from the more regular models - if you can call a Brikin regular, that is! - to some extremely rare versions, such as in pink ostrich skin or in glossy black crocodile each evaluated at around 42 000 pounds or the "Silver Himalayan" evaluated at 80 000 pounds, which was made as a limited edition (there are only three in the world) and comes with a three-carat diamond.

We all know that the bag launched in 1984 is named after the French actress Jane Birkin, but the story of the bag is quite more than that. Apparently the idea of the Birkin was born on a plane during a Paris to London flight, when Jane Birkin herself was sitting next to Hermès's CEO Jean Luis Dumas. She was complaining how she can't find the perfect leather weekend bag and explained to him how that perfect bag would look like. Some time after that small discussion, the actress received the bag at her apartment with a note from Dumas himself. And so the Birkin was born and it has never been out of fashion ever since!

Let's have a quick look at some of Victoria' Birkin bags:

What do you think about her style and what's your favorite bag among these?

Photos: google images


Dora said...

Oh boy,the burgundy croco embossed one is just fabulous!

Victoria said...

I wish I would own at least one of those.. my favourite is the brown one :)

- Victoria

Ceciliette said...

i dont know where people got the idea she has great style. I don´t like it! hahhaah but let´s face it. I envy her bag collection, that´s for sure!

Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

I will never buy this bag, it doesn't worth that money and it's now overexposed.
I'd rather invest in chanel's bags!!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Jazzy Belle said...

I WANT ONE! Maybe I can adopt one of hers!
Cool post dear, and thank you for your sweet comment

Outside Looking In said...

I can't believe how many she has--it's so crazy!!! And the cost---wow!!! I love the lime green one and the pink ostrich--not my personal taste but if you're going to spend the $$ on them, you might as well go nutso!! Thanks for doing this post--I LOVED waking up to such great eye candy!! I'm still working on links for you too--just been a little too busy these past few days! ;-))

jessica said...

Love all bags. I always like light colour and simple bags instead of printed bags and dark colour bags.

borse liu jo said...

I like it all.I want it all. :)
May said...

Ah.... if I could just have one. The aligator one. The most expensive one. ;)

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Tyan Aditya said...

lovely bag!!!
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