The Shoe: Fashion Illustrations by Achraf Amiri

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Born in Brussels in 1988, Achraf Amiri is an illustrator whose unconventional and sometimes creepy fashion illustrations are known all over the world. While talking about himself, the artist describes himself as "the hidden son of the Adams family" and we can definitely see that in his creations. Achraf illustrates anything from magazine covers, to shoes, clothes and people and all his illustrations have the same dark and edgy feel. Today I'm going to show you his collection of shoe illustrations and if you'll like them, there's more to come!

What do you think of these illustrations? Too creepy or sarcastic and funny at the same time? What's your favorite one?


GlamorousGirl said...


Julia Calhoun said...

Hi love,

thank you so much for your lovely comment!

Want to follow each other?!

Kisses Julia

Manu Luize said...

When I saw the first three illustrations I thought 'what does dark images have to do with that?', just got it when I saw the other ones. lol I think they are kind of funny in a way.

Have a great weekend,
Manu Luize.

Alessandra said...

versace is my favorite!! :)
kiss kiss

Marissa D said...

just wow!!most of them are way too beautiful!

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