Marni for H&M launch

Monday, 26 March 2012

On today's list a few centuries later that I should have: the latest collaboration between H&M and a major fashion House: MARNI. The collection was launched about two weeks ago on the 8th of March. As opposed to the flashier Versace line launched a few months ago, the subtlety of the Marni collection for H&M was a great crowd pleaser here in Bucharest, I've seen people carrying even 5 or 6 bags at a time! 

The colors, the patterns and the clean, straight lines were very true to the House's aesthetic, always fresh and fun. I went to the store early in the morning of the launch, but unfortunately the items that I had put my eyes on were already sold out in my size... We really need an online shop for H&M here, it's much easier fighting over the Internet in the first minutes of the launch to get what you want than doing that in person haha! I experienced that madness last year while I was in the Netherlands for the launch of the Lanvin colaboration if you remember. I guess I'll have to wait till the next collaboration to try to get my hands on some amazing garments. At least I got to see my two favorite items paired together - the trousers with the circles pattern and one of the t-shirts - worn by the very fashionable manager of the store!

Since I had been fantasizing about this collection for quite some time something weird was bound to happen... the night before the launch I had the craziest dream mixing fashion and work and I just couldn't keep it all to myself! I dreamed that I was in a huge, tall building on one of the upper floors and I was waiting out there with a bunch of other people - we were all waiting for the launch of the Marni for H&M collection. It seemed a bit strange because there were not as many people there as I'd had expected, but then I thought to myself "OK this is going to be better, because it's not going to be very crowded!" The clock ticks 9 o'clock and someone comes and opens the doors for us and we start running to get to the fabulous clothes, but instead we seem to get inside a huge circular office space, with desks and people working there. I start running around and then I meet someone in charge and ask about the launch of the collection. The man - apparently the CEO - starts laughing and tells me that there was a little joke and that the launch is actually taking place one floor below them, but that they told us to come here so that it wouldn't be so crowded downstairs. And then he offered me CAKE for my trouble!

I said no thank you and started running downstairs, while thinking about the repercussions of angrying H&M's CEO on my future career. I then arrive downstairs in a beautifully lit space where the clothes were displayed on mannequins on small stages. I start browsing the collection, but I kind of feel disappointed because I had expected much more. I start looking around quicker and quicker in search of a wow-piece and then I see my aunt sitting on a chair and asking me "How about that section? Have you looked there? There are some beautiful pieces in there!" I go to that section and I realize that there were only pieces from past H&M collaborations - like with Karl Lagerfeld, Roberto Cavalli or Matthew Williamson and I start getting really frustrated. I tell my aunt that those were old pieces from other collections and that that's just a marketing ploy of H&M's staff to sell old unsold stuff, that a lot of companies do that to increase their sales. And then I wake up...

What's the verdict you guys? Am I crazy or am I just too obsessed with some events? And what about the collection? What are your favorite items?


Fabrizia said...

Such a great post, I really like it, the collection is so nice!
Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???
Three lucky person will win a pair of sunnies of therir choise, enter the contest!!!

Minna said...

I love this collection!

P.S. Now following you too! =) xx

Outside Looking In said...

I love the collection but live too far away from H&M to see any of it or touch any of it :-(( I like the purple circle skirt with the patent vest--I would definitely wear that! Nice post and glad you're back! Thanks for your nice comment too! Glad the teaching is going well! Such a relief when you like your job!

Taipei Style said...

There is no H&M in Taipei! :(

charley said...

All of it looks so amazing! I work at a Buy Sell Trade store so we usually get most of the collections a few months later much cheaper so I'm waiting.

Love your blog!


The Fashion Robot said...

My favorite item is probably the bag, the colors of it are amazing and the fact that it is transparent makes it even better

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