Apres ski bars in St Anton

Friday, 3 February 2012

Tonight I found a better Internet connection, so I'll also show you one of the best apres ski bars in St Anton: the Underground! Run by a really great Australian or English woman with fiery red hair and with an 100% British staff, the Underground is the place to be if you enjoy good live music in an intimate wooden setting. There are a lot of different musicians performing throughout the afternoon. First you start off with a Caribbean guitarist - a new addition to the group - playing anything from the Beatles to Oasis in a reggae interpretation (not weird at all, trust me!) and around 5.30 you go on with classics like Sweet Caroline, The Joker and even Hey Ya played this time by Charlie - who is also a ski instructor during the day - and a young guy whose name I didn't catch so far, but who sings like a god! Unfortunately my video can't be uploaded because of the poor Internet speed, so I'll show you a video I found online of the bar. When I get home I'll upload you my own videos of the place ;)

And here's the video:

What do you think of my little gem from the ski piste? Is it worth it?


Outside Looking In said...

Um yeah! I might be tempted to just stay there all day and forget the slopes!


Judith said...

Great pictures, looking good!

Ashley Isaacs said...

yes it completely looks worth it.......I am officially following you, hope you'll do the same.....xx

Hazardous Area said...

I love places like this!!

absolutelyfaaabulous said...

Totally absolutely worth it of course!! Going myself to Saas Fee tonight.. so I looked with much envy your pics!

Anyway, hon, are you going to put pics of the FW when returning? Cause I just did another reference to your blog in mine (sorry maybe I should stop or ask before..). Let me know


marialĪµ said...

it looks great !
My Fashion Bug

Shermika said...

Looks like you had quite a bit of fun!

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