Happy New Year!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Happy New Year my dear readers! I haven't managed to be around during this past month and I'm really sorry about that... I really needed a break and I never thought it would take me so long to get back on track, but now I'm here to stay and enjoy every day with you! 

This past month has been a very busy one: I've been traveling a lot, I finally finished my master's degree, then came Christmas with the family and skiing in Austria with some close friends for New Year's. Let's look at us now: here we are with a fresh new bunch of New Year's resolutions and a whole year ahead of us not to fulfill any of them haha! Here are a few images of some of the fireworks that lighted up the January skies all around the world this year:

What have you been up to since I went missing? How were the holidays? Are you already done with the post-vacation syndrome? And last but not least, do you have any New Year's resolutions? I decided that my only resolutions this year would be to stay healthy and as happy as I am right now. If that works out, I can consider myself one of the luckiest people around! I wish you guys all the best, thank you so much for following me and supporting me in my blogging adventure and may we all stick together for a long time!

Photos: tumblr


Outside Looking In said...

OMG I'm so glad you're back!!!! Here's to a great 2012!!

Sammie said...

congrats for your master degree :) where did you travel ? :)


Katrina said...

This makes me miss fireworks so much!!! All the colors... Beautiful.


Anja said...

beautiful pictures! I love fireworks! your blog is great, keep it up:)
Clutchs agst you? I have some on my blog, which you like best clutch?

<3 Anja


Miss Margaret Cruzemark said...

Amazing photos. You have such a great blog, I love it. Wishing you all the best for this year!!!
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

GIAA said...

grogeous pictures

soldoutforever said...

totally love those firework pictures!!


Bonnie said...

I don't think I could ever handle the "less internet" resolution. That's my life! (And my career.) Plus, I just love it. :)
The fireworks are so pretty! Happy New Year, love.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Aylin at Lila Moonlight said...

Welcome back and Happy 2012 : ) that is a good resolution and I hope the same. Also congrats for your masters degree, and Austia skiing trip sounds great. I love the fireworks you shared with us. You have been in Paris too lately? How nice, I am hoping to go in April for our bdays, never been in Paris when xmas decorations were up : ( One day one day : )

Judith said...

Wauw, amazing pictures! You too, have a great 2012 :)

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