Pumpkins for Halloween

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

This year for Halloween me and my friends decided to go back to the traditional way of spending this holiday. Instead of dressing up for zombie- or witch-themed parties and make Halloween just an excuse to wear a whole lot of makeup when we go out, we decided to carve pumpkins. Afterwards we took them on a walk into town and our jack-o-lanterns even ended up in a pub! We covered their eyes while playing darts, we didn't want them to be scared and run away! Of course my friend Costin was also there for the pumpkin-carving fun and took some amazing shots. Some of the photos in this post are his, the others are mine ( sorry for the shaky hand in some of them!). 

Oh and PS: I got a brand new haircut, no more long locks for some time now, I got bored of them.
PS2: The little smiley guy is the one I carved :)

Yes, you saw it! That really was a Hello Kitty jack-o-lantern! And it wasn't one of the girls who did it... yikes, Halloween brought up some pretty scary secrets about the boys! What did you end up doing this Halloween?


The Hearabouts said...

Omg, the Hello Kitty one is hilarious :)), love it :D. All of them look awesome, good job!


Love Sushi and Fashion said...

Very col paterns! I love them! <3<3

Adele said...

Fab lanterns & I love your hair xoxo

F-frames said...

Fhank you!! I'm following you too via GFC and bloglovin! If you remember and if you want you can try again to follow me via GFC!
xoxo, hope to see you soon on Frames

Hanna said...

teehee how fun! I used to do this every year with my brother and sister - they never looked quite that profesh though! . . I love the smiley guy! and the last photo is brilliant!. . .
. . . oh, and your hair looks purdy!

Petra ńĆolak said...

Ooo this is great ;)
I also made one like this :)
Thank's for dropping by :)

xoxo, P. <3

naiad said...

hahhaha that's a really scary pumkin!!!
i adore your blog!!!! i'd loved it if we followed each other!!!!!

CR said...

Well.. you and your friends are some real pumpkin artists!!!! hahahahah The one of the 5th picture...really scary!


yumiKo said...

These photos really are amazing
Thanks for stopping by!!
Give a pass by the mine. ^_^

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bohemianbones said...

omg, i love this post!!! ur pumpkin looks great!!! love the big teeth! <333

Disturbed Style said...

Wow! Great blog and photos! I love it :)

V said...

i thought these shots looked familiar, i saw them on costin's page!
nice blog, and nice pumpkin-carving skills!

♥byAnja said...

great photos,those pumpkins are perfect.I've also got bored by long hair so now i have long bob.it;s time for changes:)


Wynne Prasetyo said...

halloweens in indonesia are not commonly celebrated with pumpkins, regardless how adorable that is. we only play dress up, which is so much fun. these pumpkins you posted are cute!

ss fashion world said...

pumkins are so cute :)
Thank you for being my follower, now Im following you back :)
Im just having giveaway, so if you want you can check it on my blog :)

Jasmine Sinclair said...

We carved a pumpkin and passed out candy to the kids!! My daughter got mad because "Those kids took all the candy!" It was a good time!!!


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