Photo of the Week: Young Cuba

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Today's photo of the week focuses on a one of a kind country: Cuba. This shot was taken on the streets of Havana where children play freely on the streets and cars from another era stroll peacefully amongst them. I love the vivacity of the photo, the children are caught in full movement and I feel that I can almost hear the car turning around the corner and the child on the pavement shouting something to one of his friends who was not caught on camera. A great dynamic shot of an amazing capital!

Photo: National Geographic


The Afternoon Tea said...

Hi, amazing picture!
I'd like you to visit my blog. I'll wait you

Iulia Romana said...

Si eu sunt obsedata de pozele postate pe National Geographic :x Nu sunt bune doar din punct de vedere fotografic, tehnic dar au si o poveste care le face mai..personale ! Love this one :)

Laura said...

Cuba e un muzeu [viu] de maisni vechi!
I recommend that everyone see Wim Wenders' movie about the Buena Vista Social Club!

youy said...

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