Photo of the Week: Mongolian Reindeer

Saturday, 12 November 2011

This week with all this sudden cold outside I started to think about winter and snow and found myself enchanted with this photo taken in Hovsgol, the northernmost peninsula of Mongolia, bordering Russia. The hard climate in the Siberian taiga (subarctic coniferous forest) creates amazing sceneries with lichens in bright colors, snow-tipped mountains and lakes that are believed sacred by the local population because they never freeze despite the low temperatures. Everything looks like a fairy tale in this forgotten land that only recently has started to open up to tourists. One of the most interesting things to do here (and what I would definitely have as a first priority in my to-do list if I happen to go there someday!) is to go on a Mongolian pony ride through the wilderness in search of the Tsaatan - small bands of nomadic reindeer herders who live in encampments and follow shamanistic beliefs. It seems to be such a surreal world, as if nothing had changed here throughout the centuries!

Photo: National Geographic 


Sammie said...

here it is also so so cold,about 10degrees lesser than last week,which makes it zero degrees.i am freezing :)
this reindeer is so beautiful and majestic wow :)


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Love Sushi and Fashion said...

I love your blog! Fashion and travelling are the two things that I love the most. Great post! <3<3

halfwhiteboy said...

beautiful creature!

andaemond said...

oh gosh this blog totally awesome !
thanks god i found this blog :D
don't ask me to follow,of course i will follow this blog :D
mind to follow back ?

mwan said...

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Marissa D said...

it reminds me of Narnia.i love seeing this places but i would never want to leave there!

Wynne Prasetyo said...

wow this is gorgeous! the photographer must be so talented that he was able to capture this quick moment. i would've run out of fright when the snow deer went crazy like that :p

re: aww don't worry you'll have your summer in time, yes? :)


ss fashion world said...

this photo is just wauu :) love it !

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