Magazine launch party @ Carturesti

Monday, 14 November 2011

I haven't had the time until now to sort through my photos and show you another great event I went to last week: a magazine launch party at one of my favorite places in Bucharest, the Carturesti bookstore. I promised you I'll eventually find some time and tell you all about this peaceful little place, but in the meantime let's get back to the party! A bunch of architecture students worked really hard and managed to revive their university's old magazine, a project that had been abandoned for some time. With a great graphic design on the cover, the Atelierul de Proiectare magazine presents stories about the student life and extracurricular activities, interesting interviews with students and professors, contests, projects and basically anything worth noting in the young architects' world. The attic of the Carturesti bookstore where they chose to have their launch party was the perfect setting with that gorgeous wooden structure. Here are some shots from the event followed by a colorful surprise that caught my eye during the presentation:

The students that relaunched the magazine

Fashion secret: the little orange heel matching the cables

And if you were paying attention to one of the shots taken in the crowd, you could easily spot a very colorful girl. She caught my eye from the start and I just couldn't not ask to take a photo of her:

Unfortunately as I was taking pictures during the event I don't have a lot of photos of myself, so if you're curious to see what I was wearing this will have to do :)


marialĪµ said...

you look so nice, like your skirt!
that place looks amazing, love all the wood!
My Fashion Bug

ss fashion world said...

I love your dress ! Its just perfect !

mwan said...

hi there thanks for the commentlovely dress u worn,would love u to follow it if u like it,hope to hear from u soon

Laura said...

Spre deosebire de Costin, ai prins-o pe fata cu ochi :D

Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE said...

You know I love your posts, very nice style, and texts :*

visit me, said...

what a fun event! Love the photos <3

thefashionlist said...

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