Paris Fashion Week S 2012: John Galliano

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Bill Gaytten was also in charge of John Galliano's namesake brand for this fashion week and while we can say that there's a definite improvement in his way of conceiving a show and a cohesive collection I still don't see this collection relating very well to the flamboyant and fun style of his predecessor. The designer reused some concepts from his last Dior shows like the shapes of the coats with the puffy sleeves or the sheer dresses mixing them with a pastel color palette rendering the collection very soft and flirty, but lacking that touch of power that I previously associated this brand with. John Galliano dressed women who knew who they were and were embracing their individuality, Bill Gaytten seemed to dress young girls. But that's not a bad thing: to do the designer justice, I have to say that the suits are really great and the dresses are beautifully crafted and very flattering. All in all, I think we'll remember this collection as a young, charming pastel version of the John Galliano brand. Who knows, maybe it was time for a change!

Among my favorite pieces are the lavender stunner in the opening photo, the black and white outfit worn by Karlie Kloss, the grey long blouse with dashes of black and pink paired with a midi white skirt worn by Ruby Aldridge, the white skirt and blouse paired with a pale blue cardigan and white hat, the pleated green dress or the fabulous gown closing the show.

Here is my selection of the most interesting looks from the runway:

What did you identify the brand John Galliano with? Was it also power, color and flamboyance or could you also picture this collection as being part of the brand? What are your favorite looks from this show?



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Syrious said...


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Stiene S. said...

Wow, beautiful collection!!

skippysays said...

wow, stunning! I love the long sheer dresses!

Shervin Nassi said...

Just amazing!! so happy i came across this blog!!!
hope you like mine pls follow us!

bohemianbones said...

this is sooo young and flirty for galliano! Love this collection, its better than his latest works, it seems more fresh!

Libelle said...

Omg I love the color of the first dress :D
a very cute collection ;)


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