Paris Fashion Week S 2012: Jean Paul Gaultier

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier presented a very chic and provocative collection on Saturday evening with the models carrying number cards on them in order to identify the looks just like in the old days. The collection continues with the tailored suit trend from the fall collection, but also with lighter pieces and a play between sheer and full fabrics. A very interesting thing was that the designer casted women of all ages and body shapes for his show, giving it a more real feeling.

I really liked the designer's personal interpretation of one of his models' tattoos. Keep an eye on these two looks: she has colorful tattoo sleeves and tattoos on her legs and is wearing a white dress - the next model is wearing a colorful jumpsuit reminding us of the previous models' tattoos and is wearing a white jacket on top of it.

Among my favorite pieces are the stunning look in the opening photo, the short suit worn by Karlie Kloss, the reinterpretation of the white shirt buttoned-up on the sleeve and the oversized striped shirt, the electric blue trench coat or the pale blue shorts paired with a trench coat. I thought it was very interesting that most of the models were actually wearing lingerie among their garments and we can see that in the last part of the show where the looks from the beginning are transformed into lingerie pieces simply by wearing the skirt differently or by taking off parts of the garment (pay attention at the model in the pale blue trench coat or at the one in the green dress with sheer panels on the top).

Here are the most interesting looks from the runway:

What are your favorite looks from this show? Did you liked the designer's idea of having all types of different powerful women on the catwalk?


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