Paris Fashion Week S 2012: Hermès

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Hermès presented a very chic travel-based collection with lots of leather as usual because of its House specialty. The soft maxi skirts, the kaftan- and Moroccan djellaba-inspired looks or the contrast between sandy and bright colors embarked us in a journey through different continents during the time of the show. Simple and minimalistic looks, but all the more powerful, the use of leather was extraordinary from coats to dresses or tops, leather truly was in the spotlight with this collection.

Among my favorite pieces were the khaki-grey cover-up dress in the opening photo, the champagne-toned blouse and skirt paired with a long orange coat, the loose yellow suede shorts and shirt, the three-piece leather outfit worn by Arizona Muse or the comfy knitwear in the last photo. Oh, and let's not forget the necklaces, they were absolutely gorgeous!

Here is my selection of the most interesting looks from the runway:

What are your favorite looks from this show? Are you more the Moroccan-inspired fashion kind of girl or the sandy leather type?




love the collection!

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Evi said...

So chic and stylish ... love it :)

Evi xoxo

Marissa D said...

love the orange and blue pieces!

Hanna & Christel said...

wow great collection! thank you so much for sharing!

Lucia M said...

What a fashion show! Love the colors! The orange dress in the 5th pic is my favorite but I would take the blue one as well:) Hard to pick.


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