Paris Fashion Week S 2012: Chanel Part 1

Friday, 7 October 2011

I've already talked about the magic underwater scenery that Karl Lagerfeld concocted for the Chanel show, so this time I'm going to focus on the garments. The designer drew inspiration from the sea and from millions of years of constant movement and reinvention of shapes that occurs underwater. The models looked like modern mermaids in this gorgeous immaculate setting, with sequins and pearly reflections instead of scales, flowy dresses instead of tails and silk shreds as seaweed. The color palette was almost entirely white with some pastels to liven things up from time to time (as if things really needed to be livened up, he could show nothing at all and it would still be amazing!).

Editing was nearly impossible because this was the longest show at the Paris Fashion Week: it lasted for about 15 minutes (of pure bliss!) and 83 different looks were presented on the runway. I managed to narrow it down, but I still decided to split the show into classic Chanel tweed garments and dresses and swimwear on the other hand. So here I start with the amazing tweed garments.

I thought that the thin black graphic lines shaping rectangles were such an interesting touch on some of the garments. Another great detail were the subtly sequined dress and jacket that picked up blue and green reflections so that the models really resembled some sublime and ethereal underwater creatures. Among my favorite pieces are the black and the white suits, the ivory one worn by Freja whom I've missed so much on the runways, the belted white dress with graphic lines, the straw yellow ruffly dress, the light sweater with graphic lines or the ruffled two-toned pink blouse paired with black leather shorts.

Here is my selection of the most interesting looks from the runway:

What are your favorite looks form this first part of the show?


PS: I have another surprise lined up for you in the second part of the show, so stay tuned!


CM said...

I love Chanel! *w*

Alessandra Mazzini said...

This is amazing!

I've just made a post of my new collection, check it out and tell me what do you think!!

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Wonderful inspiration!

Lucia M said...

I think I like a lot! It is hard to pick which outfit I like the most:) Thanks for the comment by the way. Folloving on bloglovin!




skippysays said...

wow, what an amazing collection! That blue dress is a piece of art!

Shervin Nassi said...

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J▲Y said...

ugh immerse me in Chanel. PA-LEASE!

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Shervin Nassi said...

Awesome blog!! just stunning!!

Following you back! thanks for the follow!!

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t said...

Nice looks!

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