Coco Rocha and ANTM

Friday, 21 October 2011

Coco Rocha is definitely one of the best top models out there right now, with an exquisite look and a thousand different poses per second. I don't think I've ever talked about reality shows around here, but yes... I do watch some of them, so when I found out yesterday that America's Next Top Model invited Coco Rocha for their latest episode I was thrilled! 

Not only was she a guest judge, but she was also involved in the girls' photo shoot - how terrifying must that be, to pose alongside Coco? The theme of Wednesday's shoot was a bar fight, with Coco standing in the middle and trying to stop the models from fighting. Look through the photos and tell me what you think:

Coco Rocha versus Allison and Kayla

Coco Rocha versus Bianca and Shannon

Coco Rocha versus Dominique and Lisa

Coco Rocha versus Angelea and Laura

Coco Rocha versus Alexandria and Bre

What's your favorite photo of this bunch? I know I loved the first two, the one with Kayla and Allison for the overall movement and the tension in it (just look at Coco's face!) and the second one with Bianca and Shannon because of Coco's demonic signature look!

Who do you think outshone the others? Coco? Do you also watch ANTM or other reality shows like this? If yes, I'm really curious to find out who's your favorite!


yumiKo said...

Thanks for stopping by!!
I like this post!! Great idea!! :)




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ellenkaminagakura said...

Coco is stunning! And I Love the second photos! Both models have amazing expressions and coco is almost like the devil in that pose!


Xoxo from Japan

ellenkaminagakura said...

PS : i'm following you at tumblr and facebook too now!

Adele said...

She's stunning & definitely takes the stage versus the other 2 models xoxo

Jordi Vilella said...

She's so beautiful <3


Sammie said...

ohhhh yes,she is gorgeous
those pictures are so special :)


Sandra said...

These photos look fierce!

Wynne Prasetyo said...

coco rocha is definitely my favorite model. i haven't seen this episode though because i haven't had the time to :( I have to apologize to you though as soon as I realized this post contains pictures of the episode I quickly scrolled down to the comment box, I am sure they are amazing but i don't want to see them yet! hahaha i want to see them while watching the episode altogether, i'm sorry i hope you're not offended. :)

nené said...

love coco rocha! so stylish and gentle!

Iloshka Glittering said...

I actually don´t like the models bodies and so on... BUT this woman is amazing!!!! Very beautiful, and the photo shoot was great! My favorite pics are the first and the 4th...very artistic I think!!! I am now your follower, and thank you for your visit, by the way!!! Kisses... and I am waiting for new posts!!

chloe said...

Coco's SUCH a great model, love this post :) xx

Sabrina said...

really nice pics! :)

Bonnie said...

After seeing this episode, I have even more of a girl crush on her. No lie.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Duygu said...

amazing post and great blog darling :))

puss puss and huggs from <33

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It really means a lot to me :)

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