Milan Fashion Week S 2012: Emilio Pucci

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I absolutely loved Emilio Pucci's collection - for me it had everything: color, passion and drama. With a clear exotic gypsy influence, incredible geometric patterns and full skirts the models were looking gorgeous and confident as they strutted the runway. I loved the play between the full skirts, the intricate details and the sheerness and lightness of the materials. The jewelry was spot on and accentuated the drama of the clothes.

Picking favorites was an incredibly difficult task but I could mention some of them at least: the dress in the opening photo, the red boustier and skirt, the black gown with a sheer skirt, the black and red dress with the sheer upper part and embroidery, the black lace skirt/short top combo or the black corset paired with a full skirt.

Here is my selection of the most interesting looks from the runway:

Do you like these bold looks? You're definitely not going to be a wallflower wearing any of these creations and that's what I love about this collection! What are your favorite looks?



bohemianbones said...

He is such a genius!!! I love that his collections are so rich of details, and it always has a touch of tribal and lace...
This one is even more fantastic, love the golden dress!!!! <3<3

I really dont want to this fashion week to end!


Mogdan said...

Love the 5'th and 7'th ones and especially the short golden one. It's an incredibly sensual collection with great use of colors & patterns.

Aliya A. said...

Love his amazing collections. This is masterpiece! Adorable lace details. He is one of the most influential couture designers. I am absolutely in love with "metallic" fabulous dress.
Thanks for this post.

HeyDahye said...

I LOVE the bold red patterns. Amazing fashion.

adele said...

Love all the Pucci prints xoxo

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