Milan Fashion Week S 2012: Bottega Veneta

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Bottega Veneta presented a very beautiful collection featuring one of my favorite shades of purple, so I was definitely wowed by their dresses in this color. A very feminine collection, with almost only dresses and gowns and a really great color palette: shades of pruple, orange and green and of course some black and white accents. I really liked the cool vibe of the two looks in trousers given by the scarf and the jackets. Other pieces I really liked were the white and orange dress, the checkered multicolored top, the purple knee-length dress worn by Ruby Aldridge, the black and white skirt/blouse/cardigan combo that seems to have little bits of black fabric thrown on it in an irregular pattern and of course the gowns ending the show.

Here are the most interesting looks from the runway:

What did you liked best, the trousers looks or the long, flowy gowns? Some of you said you were more inclined towards the romantic looks a few posts ago, are you liking this almost-all-dress-runway?

I almost forgot! Did you notice the cuffs and the bags? Gorgeous!

Python reloaded for spring!



adele said...

So glad python will carry forward into spring xoxo

Taj Acosta said...

I love it!! So many great pieces!! xo -Taj

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