Lisa Marie Fernandez bathing suits

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

It's still summer and everybody is thinking of escaping the heat and heading for the seaside or at least going swimming to cool off. You can find thousands and thousands of bathing suits everywhere, but they all start to look alike at some point making it difficult to stand out. Lisa Marie Fernandez's designs are unique and very chic. The New York based fashion stylist creates stunning shapes in her debut swimwear collection using an unconventional material for swimsuits: a luxe version of neoprene. The shapes are inspired from scuba gear but also hint towards the color-blocked suits of the 80s or some famous Bond girls.

Which one is your favorite? I know I can't decide between the Lauren and the Leigh!


fashion provocateur said...

i like the lauren! and these look fab :)

BobbieAustin27 said...

these swimsuits are wonderful!

tessa said...

these are so hot! love the lauren one


CR said...

I wish it was summer in here! At least this remembers me i have to get my body summer ready! hahahah lol. My fav is the lauren! I guess ti wins for mayority! Like the little black dress..its the little black swimsuit!


Fashionthroughtravel said...

The Lauren is really winning the battle! CR: the little black swimsuit - GENIUS!

CR said...

hahaha lol i was inspired last night! Now we know how to call our best black swimsuit piece.. i have mine and i love´s not the lauren, but still great!


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