Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week AW 2011/12: Street Style - Black/White

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Anja Rubik

As the Fashion Week street style posts come to an end, the tension builds up. I'm sure you're all waiting for the post on the models off-duty and you're going to see it later today. But for now let's focus on the third big trend off the runway: after bright colors and neutrals here come the lavish black or black and white looks. Models, socialites, journalists or famous actors and directors they all embrace black as the chic go-to shade in their closet from time to time. 

It's really hard to pick favorites among these looks, but I'd say some of my clear favorites are Olivia Palermo's stunning Valentino frock, Anja Rubik's sheer long dress and the white blouse/black trousers combo on a Chanel backdrop. Did you pick any favorites?

Olivia Palermo

Alexa Chung

Anne Hathaway

Sofia Coppola

Don't forget to stop by later for the models' street style looks during Fashion Week!

Photos: Vogue, Elle, NY Times


lala said...

likeeee ur blog soooo :D:D:D:D

feel free to follow me:

ChiccaStyle said...

WOW,great post!!!Thanks for sharing these beautiful outfits!Olivia Palermo is the best: so chic and classy!

absolutelyfaaabulous said...

Arggg they are all so gorgeous, chic, lucky.. I wanna be one of them!! Anyway, yes, will come back later to check out the new post. Following you too now. A kiss!

Sam said...

Thank you for your appreciations :)

absolutelyfaaabulous: Great to have you onboard from now on :)

Saint Folie said...

I could wear black and white for the rest of my life!
Anne Hathaway looks so perfect with that outfit!

Love <3

Erika said...

Stumbled across your blog...and i thought it was AMAZING!!!! Absolutely loving all your posts :) SO following ur blog!

P/S: do show some support and follow mine too if you like it! xx

Much love

The PvdH Journal said...

loving your posts! i adoooore black. perhaps it has something to do with living in london ;)

xx PvdH - a fashion designer's virtual mood board

Natalie Ryker said...

love the leather skirt

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