Hair and makeup

Saturday, 21 May 2011

I haven't been around much during these past few weeks and I'm really sorry! Things have been quite hectic around here with a huge workload at the university, family visiting twice, Easter break and maybe the most important reason why I've made myself scarce: my Mac broke down! I know it's weird to hear the words Mac and breakdown in the same sentence, but yes, it can happen and when it does, it happens in style: first the charger wouldn't charge unless the computer was turned off (which gave me a battery autonomy of about 2 hours and then about 4 hours waiting time = FRUSTRATION), then one of the hinges broke and I couldn't close the lid anymore, then the microphone stopped working (probably because the cable was cut because the hinge was broken and it pressed the cable) and of course the typical problem of a Mac Book Air got worse - the excessive heating. All in all, I got my baby back and we're ready to roll!

I had a lot of things lined up for you during these last weeks - Coachella, ad campaigns, the Chanel cruise collection at Cap d'Antibes, Karl Lagerfeld's short film for this collection, Cannes, a magazine review and something for the travel and photography section, as I've been in the mood for travelling. I'll focus on this during the next few days, to catch up, don't worry!

For today, enjoy these gorgeous pics about hair and makeup. I thought they were really inspiring! Which one is you favorite?

source: tumblr

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