Style profile: Coco Sumner

Friday, 15 April 2011

Rock-offspring Coco Sumner has been starting to make a name for herself after the launch of her first album, The Constant, a few months ago. Her album is an impressive mix of styles, from electro-pop to indie rock, with abstract lyrics and cool tones. Shy and feeling that she doesn't fit into the world of fame she feels uncomfortable whenever someone mentions her privileged upbringing or her famous parents, British actress and producer Trudie Styler and musician Sting (aka. Gordon Sumner).

Besides the fact that her music is great, I really like that she has her own well defined style, regardless of what's in style or not. She shays she draws her inspiration from the mod era, but there are also clear influences of androgynous and masculine style in her wardrobe. She blends modish suits and worn-in T-shirts, vintage, red denim and menswear in a very coherent and interesting way. She reminds me a lot of Alexa Chung and her Brit-cool attitude. Here are some pictures reflecting her style and a video of one of my favorite songs on her album, Quicker.

Photos: google and tumblr

And here's the video if you haven't see it already on my tumblr blog here:


Strawberry Freckleface said...

Love those beat up looking yellow pants!

I am having a Free People give-away on my blog if you're interested.
strawberry freckleface

Sam said...

You're right, they do look awesome! And so does that golden jacket!
Great blog! xx

Laura said...

Foarte tare Coco, nu stiam de ea, am ascultat melodia o data si deja imi place :D

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