Paris Fashion Week: Miu Miu

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Miu Miu show had a very interesting retro vibe going on. I liked the coats and the shoes and most of the silhouettes were very flattering. I'm not a very big fan of unstructured garments, so I wasn't blown away by the whole thing, but taken in parts I really enjoyed what was presented on the runway. Among my favorite looks are the amazing short coat I chose to open the post with and the yellow coat/dress. The bags were extraordinary! I would buy any of them right now... even the fur one! Here are the most interesting looks of the runway:

Photographs courtesy of and Matteo Volta

The setting of the show was amazing: the Palais d'Iéna. Here is a photograph of the place taken by Garance Doré the day of the show:

I'll wrap up the Paris Fashion Week series (which has bee delayed way too much, sorry about that!) tomorrow with an amazing show: Louis Vuitton!

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