Future beauty - a review of intemporal fashion design

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Some of my older readers may remember my previous collaboration with Tana for the Berlin Fashion Week when she delivered us some great personal insight on the Romanian Designers fashion show. Now it's time for another collaboration with her about the future of beauty. Here it goes:

Japan. People all over the world have different ways in coping with the terrible tragedy after the tsunami and earthquakes of March 11th.

Some of you may donate money, some of you may be attending charity concerts. In Düsseldorf, the second largest japanese community in Europe (after London, they say), it is easy to give something back by contributing to the japanese economy: eat out at Japan-town Immermannstraße every day.

Letting the moment aside, I'd like to share something more timeless.

In Munich, Germany, an exhibition is taking place named „Future Beauty“. It's been previously hosted by the Barbican Art Gallery in London. The exhibition takes you on a journey over the last 30 years of Japanese avantgarde fashion, from Yoji Yamamoto to Junya Watanabe, from Rei Kawabuko to Akira Naka.

It is the first exhibition to comprehensively survey avant-garde Japanese fashion that way.

The exhibition is curated by the eminent Japanese fashion historian Akiko Fukai, Director of the Kyoto Costume Institute. It is a unique collection showing the immense sensitivity japanese designers show for forms, cuts and reduction to the most essential elements and colors: actually, the non-colors of black and white.

The exhibition is about the future. It is about „New discoveries, that look into the future, that are free and vivid“ as said at Comme des Garcons.

Be quick. You may look into the future until the 8th of may 2011 at Haus der Kunst, München.

Yours, Tana Maria Schächtele


claarax. said...

It looks cool!

Costin Moraru said...


Lindsay said...

this exhibition looks so interesting!


Elena said...

Very intresting indeed. Would love to check it out. Im also jealous of the number of countries that you've visited, lucky you! Hope I can get to visit as many countries as possible, I love travelling!
Following your blog now on bloglovin, please check out my blog if you wanna follow me back!

Elena from http://theonewiththefashion.blogspot.com/

Sam said...

:) I feel very lucky indeed! Good luck with you travelling plans! Your blog is really cool!

Michelle Lee said...

great exhibitions


youy said...

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