Anna Dello Russo: The Lady Gaga of Fashion Week

Friday, 8 April 2011

Anna Dello Russo in her suite at the Ritz before the 90 Years of Vogue Masquerade Ball
(Photo: jakandjil)

Anna Dello Russo is one of my favorite people in fashion. She is so Italian, so eccentric and so positive about everything that it's impossible not to love her! She is one of the few persons that actually likes to have fun with fashion and you can definitely see that every time she walks out of her house. For the cover picture of this post I chose the outfit she wore at the 90 Years of Vogue Masquerade ball, where she clearly went over-the-top with this custom-made Pucci ball gown and the incredible Gareth Pugh feathered headpiece over a simple white lace mask and wig. As the outfit was inspired by Lady Gaga, I thought this was the perfect choice to illustrate the title of this post! You've already seen her change two crazy Fashion Week outfits the same day for the Chanel and Valentino shows in the shots I took of her, so I thought it would be interesting to give you a glimpse of how her dressing room looks like during Fashion Week. This video not only shows her amazing dressing room in her suite at the Ritz and a selection of outfits and shoes for the last Spring/Summer Paris Fashion Week, but it also gives an insight into her world:

What would you save in case of a fire?


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