Paris Fashion Week: Waiting for Karl

Sunday, 13 March 2011

After the Chanel show I still hung out a little bit around the Grand Palais, as I felt there was more going on than what I had seen. Slowly, the other people starting scattering around and finally left, but I was still in front of the main gate of the Palais with a few other people. As we were waiting, we started chatting. It was a very interesting crowd, very international although there were also some French people. I found out what was still going on, who they were all waiting for: some were waiting for more models from the show and others for Karl. Yes, you read it right - they were waiting for Karl Lagerfeld. Would you have said no to that? Didn't think so! So we started waiting and talking, we were even talking to the guards because at some point we were all so fed up with waiting that we all felt connected somehow. The waiting was full of interesting moment, like running around the Grand Palais (which is quite grand as its name suggests!) in sky-high heels to cover all the entrances. It was utter madness and I enjoyed every second of it! Although standing and waiting with killer shoes in my feet wasn't what I would have expected of my day, it was really a lot of fun! We were chatting with the bodyguards and making jokes, they were really nice they even shared some pastries from the show with us!

When we were starting to get tired of that much waiting and we would flinch every time the door opened, something happened to lighten up the waiting. One of the male models from the show left the venue and everybody around me started screaming - Baptiiiste! Baptiiiste! It was Baptiste Giabiconi, Karl Lagerfeld's muse. He was really patient and enjoyed himself, although I felt the girls were harassing him a little bit!  I took a picture with him and then we improvised a photo shoot and he posed for a few moments, so that we could take some more professional shots of him.

After this brief moment of action came another hour of waiting, but we were rewarded in the end. We got to see Karl for a few seconds, waving at us from the passenger seat of his Bentley! Unfortunately the sun was shining on my side of the car, so the picture is ruined, but you can still see his hands and studded leather gloves and his smile. It was worth waiting two hours for that, it was a really interesting experience!


The Hearabouts said...

Hi! First of all, thanks for the comment..indeed, the fair was really enjoyable and colorful :)

Secondly, I must say you're really lucky to have seen all of these amazing people (and take pics of them). Nice story, too

The Hearabouts

Sam said...

I really liked your blog, Costin showed it to me today. I'm definitely going to check it from now on!

Thanks for the appreciation! It really felt amazing to see all those people that I had only read about until a few days ago! I still have some great pictures under my sleeve for the next days, be sure to check back ;)

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