Paris Fashion Week: People before Valentino

Sunday, 27 March 2011

As promised, I have a few shots of this amazing new trend that consists in wearing your coat carelessly thrown back on your shoulders. It elongates the silhouette and makes any outfit look instantly more elegant and mysterious in my opinion. Have a close look at this picture above. Besides the great outfit overall and the perfect hint of color with that bright yellow bag, do you notice something shiny on her right hand? It's probably the one of the most amazing pieces of jewelry I've seen lately. Here is a close-up:

Amazing, right? 

Here's a second look that I really liked. Everything comes into place, the grey beanie, the coat, the sheer dress, the brown leather belt. She looks so stylish and so relaxed in the same time! Fashion is just about that: mixing styles and appropriating them to make them fit your own personality.

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