Paris Fashion Week: Menswear @ Valentino

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I've emphahsized maybe too much the great styles women hat at the Valentino show, but what about men? They should also have something to say in fashion. For fear of being too repetitive this list is not complete, I've omitted those stylish men that you already saw in my previous posts from the Chanel and Valentino venues, like Mr. Cortina or Hamish Bowles for example, but you can check them out afterwards if you want. Here are my top choices for menswear at this show:

Whether it's a skinny jean paired with a form-fitting blazer, a crazy animal print shirt and a skinny tie or just a simple double-pocketed camel coat these men caught my attention. I really liked the effort some men put into transforming a casual outfit like those sweater/shirt combos into something more by adding a touch of color from a scarf or a pair of out of the ordinary sunglasses. You could see the Italian charm in any of the two pictures with men wearing sunglasses! Last but not least, how stylish does the grey outfit/brown shoe look? I loved it!

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