Paris Fashion Week: Menswear @ Chanel

Thursday, 10 March 2011

George Cortina

I know I promised you a detailed story about how amazing it is to stalk people at a major fashion show and take pictures, run around on steps and cobblestones in 4 inch stilettos and get stomped on your toes by other photographers to catch THE picture, but I promise you that you'll get your story tonight! I always want to make the best of everything and I want to concentrate my full attention on this topic. Nevertheless I'll show you some pictures of the most stylish men I saw at Chanel, you may see some familiar faces if you're a Sartorialist fan, like I am. For example, George Cortina here, who is the Associate Fashion Director for Vogue Nippon or Stefano Tonchi, editor in chief of W magazine. Notice the perfect length of his shirt and the slim cut of his suit. He is always so stylish! Enjoy the pictures and I'll talk to you later!

George Cortina

Stefano Tonchi

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