Paris Fashion Week: Fashion @ Valentino

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Last week I was telling you all about how amazing it was to be in Paris during the Fashion Week and about all the adventures and the beautiful pictures I took at the Chanel venue. Well, now it's time for me to show you what happened at the Valentino show right afterwards... Trust me, this is even better if that's possible! 

To start from the beginning, before I went to Paris I read a perfectly-timed post of Garance Doré (whom I absolutely adore!) about how to get noticed by street style photographers during the fashion week. A summary of that would be, either wear bold colors or all-black, have an interesting accessory that draws attention to you, always seem in a hurry and do something with your phone because it looks great in pictures. Well, without thinking too much about that (except for the fuchsia dress I was wearing he he) I somehow managed to do two of those things on the list and surprise, surprise photographers kept taking my picture... Now that was an interesting feeling! First of all I was walking from the Grand Palais towards the tent in the Tuilleries where the Valentino show was scheduled and my feet hurt so much in my 4 inch heels that I had been wearing since the morning, that I was really in a hurry to get to the steps next to the tent to sit down... first set of photos! Next thing, after I started feeling my feet again and was busy sending a text to a friend boom! other photographers came in sight! These tips were golden!

What was different at the Valentino and Chanel shows? First of all the venues. This was a very big difference, because at the Grand Palais the guests could arrive on several sides and the atmosphere was chaotic, it was really difficult to keep track of the people coming and going. On the other hand, the tent in the Tuilleries was absolutely perfect: there was a white carpet leading from the entrance in the gardens to the tent and everyone came through there, so the photographers had enough time to see who was coming and take good shots. The second difference I noticed was that I recognized more famous faces - fashion editors, photographers, stylists, artists, models, you name it! For now enjoy some of the most interesting looks I saw that day:

Caroline Sieber and Julia Restoin Roitfeld

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