Paris Fashion Week: Fashion @ Chanel

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Zanna Roberts (Marie Claire US)

I hope you enjoyed the Chanel show because I absolutely loved it, the whole concept was very interesting! How about I show you some of the most interesting outfits I saw amongst the guests of the show? There were of course a lot of Chanel pieces, but also other styles, some more colorful, others more sober. Amongst the people I photographed you'll also recognize Zanna Roberts, fashion editor of US Marie Claire and some of the models from the runway! Everybody looked really amazing and had attitudes to match. I loved the loose chignon-all-black combo, in my opinion that's 100% Parisian chic! Other pieces I really liked are the tweed capes, the colorful fur and the tweed or fur and rocker leather pants mix. I think this combo is very modern and I like it because it takes something from both worlds - it has a traditional Chanel meets rock chick vibe.

And here are the models:

Ruby Aldridge

Kristina Salinovic

Because of all these pictures I took I neglected a little bit the other fashion shows from Paris, but don't worry, I'll find the perfect equilibrium between what I shot and what was happening at the Paris Fashion Week!

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