Paris Fashion Week: Famous faces @ Valentino

Monday, 28 March 2011

Giovanna Battaglia (L'Uomo Vogue)

As I was telling you on Friday, I saw a lot of famous faces around the tent in the Tuilleries just before the Valentino show. Some of them I caught on film, others were too quick and managed to escape my vigilent eye. Who did I see you must be wondering... In no order whatsoever I saw the editors from Vogue Nippon Anna Dello Russo and Mr. Cortina walking together towards the show, Franca Sozzani - editor-in-chief for Vogue Italia, British socialite Alexa Chung taking pictures of her friends on the white carpet, some of the models from the show, fashion editor for L'Uomo Vogue Giovanna Battaglia, the ever-so-stylish Hamish Bowles - the European  editor at large for Vogue, Florence Welch from Florence + the Machine whom I did a style profile on a few weeks ago and even photographer Patrick Demarchelier and rapper Kanye West. Kanye West and stylist Joe Zee were amongst the quick ones that I didn't manage to get a shot of unfortunately. Sounds pretty awesome, no? I felt like being caught in a whirlpool of excitement, I didn't even have time to realize what an amazing experience I was living until later, as on the spot everything was happening so fast - you saw one person, took the shot and then immediately someone else appeared!

Anna Dello Russo and Mr. Cortina (Vogue Nippon)

Who else could have pulled off that look if not Anna Dello Russo? A hat with her name on it? Absolutely love it!

Patrick Demarchelier (photographer)

Alexa Chung

Franca Sozzani (Vogue Italia)

Florence Welch (Florence + the Machine)

Hamish Bowles (Vogue Europe)

Models after the show (Ginta Lapina, Arizona Muse, Freja Beha Erichsen)

Models after the show

Models after the show

Kate Lanphear (Elle)

One of the most amazing people I had the chance to be around was Costanza Pascolato editor for Vogue Brasil. She looked gorgeous! One of those rare women with such class and charm, that you feel instantly attracted to her like a moth to the light. She was so different from the other celebrities there, with her warm smile, talking to all the photographers as if she knew them. She was so friendly and open that it was a real pleasure to see her. She was wearing a gorgeous statement necklace and the same studded Valentino shoes as one of the models from the show. That's keeping up with fashion!

Costanza Pascolato (Vogue Brazil)

Enough about this type of famous people! Let's talk about something else... about the other side of the fashion business - the bloggers. I don't know who your favorite fashion bloggers are (it would be great if you could share your opinions on that!) but I know who I worship. My absolute favorite bloggers are Garance Doré and of course Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist (her boyfriend). Talk about a power couple in fashion! Imagine how it would be like to religiously read their blogs every day for the past few years, checking them dozens of times a day to see if they wrote anything new or posted another picture and then, all of a sudden SEE them and even TALK to them at the Paris Fashion Week. 

I was scouting the white carpet for interesting looks when Scott jumps right in front of me to take someone's picture. I was speechless and couldn't move for a few moments and then he started moving around chasing someone and I found myself running after him... in my huge heels... and of course he vanished leaving me with nothing but a picture of his back. But I saw him!! I knew he was rather small, but I think he was about my height with heels, so around 5 ft 6 I'd say. That's the answer to my puzzle about his height! Right after that the show starts and who do you think I see? As odd as it may sound Garance Doré! I just snapped a picture of her and didn't even realized it was her until I looked on my camera to make sure I wasn't seeing things! She was very quick then, but I spotted her later talking to some people in the crowd and went straight to her and told her how I love her blog and Scott's and took a picture with her. She was so nice!

Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist

Garance Doré

If you think that before all this I spent my morning at the Chanel venue, you must agree with me that it was a fabulous day!

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