Paris Fashion Week: Chanel

Saturday, 12 March 2011

After I showed you some of the amazing styles I encountered at the Chanel venue, it would be a good idea to show you what the guests actually saw inside, at the show. The Grand Palais was completely changed to suit the imagination of Karl Lagerfeld. Following the anarchy and the end-of-the world feeling at the Roberto Cavalli runway in Milan, Karl's vision for the backdrop of the autumn/winter collection of Chanel was a dark, volcanic surrounding, meant to induce the audience in a state of eeriness to get a better grasp of the dramatic air of the dark clothes. The modern woman envisioned by Karl is strong and wears a dark color palette and flats or very low heels. This choice for the shoes is not new to the House of Chanel, we could also observe this tendency at Chanel's Haute Couture show in January.

I really loved the darkness of the whole collection, the tailored jackets in the traditional tweed of Chanel, but with a modern twist either through an unexpected color, a shorter length or maybe even both in the same outfit. The beading details, the mixes of pattern, the jumpsuits and the dresses everything looks exquisitely crafted. The lower part of the pants tucked into the socks was a very clever detail, showing off the boots. Notice the leaves-inspired ornaments on some of the garments. The show was not just a simple runway show, it was an art like everything Chanel does. They never limit themselves to a mere presentation of the outfits, they create a whole universe to go along with it, that helps the viewer to better understand the clothes. Here are some of the most interesting outfits from the show:

Photos courtesy of and Matteo Volta

And here's the runway video if you want to get into the mood of the show listening to the soundtrack - The Cure!

Tomorrow I'll tell you an interesting story about how I met one of the male models from the show, Baptiste Giabiconi, and managed to see Karl Lagerfeld!

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