Paris Fashion Week: Anna Dello Russo

Friday, 11 March 2011

Anna Dello Russo

I was telling you earlier this morning about some unexpected event that happened at the Grand Palais while I was waiting to take pictures of the people coming out from the show, that something happened suddenly and all the photographers rushed towards the stairs in frenzy, pushing and contorting themselves to get the perfect picture of the person standing on top of the stairs. I had no clue who it was, even now I don't remember how I got from where I was standing to the middle of the madding crowd to chase the same picture - it all happened so fast, I didn't even think and rushed over there as well. At first I saw nothing, then I saw this amazing green beaded skirt with pink roses, pretty dramatic I thought to myself, but still without connecting anything in my head. I looked higher, I saw the top and then suddenly it hit me! I saw the face, the unmistakable face of Anna Dello Russo and I couldn't believe it was me who was standing there at a mere meter away from her taking her picture. I can't explain the rush of adrenaline, the goosebumps or the excitement I felt that instant, when I saw her for the first time. She was stunning, radiant and truly eccentric as I had always thought she would be in real life when I saw pictures of her. 

Just look at the details on her dress, the mix of patterns, of materials, of different flowers, so extravagant, yet so stylish! And the shoes, those green insanely high heels! The whole outfit suits her perfectly, she looks amazing. Nobody could take their eyes off her!

Later this evening I'll show you what was going on inside at the fashion show because until now I've been only teasing you with these outdoors pics!

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