Milan Fashion Week: Giorgio Armani

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

I saved the best for last! The Giorgio Armani show was absolutely exquisite - a soft color palette of grey, pink and silver (I just bought nail polish that same shade of pink he uses here!), very elegant shapes, rich materials, like velvet or fur, beading and shiny delicate fringes. I thought that the duos walking the runway in similar clothes from time to time were a very interesting mise en scène. I loved the dresses, they seemed to be floating careless of what was happening on the runway, they had a life of their own. Also amazing were the blazers, the jackets, the shoes and the jewelry. I wouldn't even know what to chose as my favorite piece amongst all these masterpieces, but amongst my favorites are the floor-length dresses, the pink blazer, the grey dress with the fringed black coat, the black dress with the silver heart and the exquisite beaded deep v-neck silver blouses. Notice the tunic bearing the designer's portrait, nice touch! The collection blew me away! It was definitely one of the strongest collections from Milan in my opinion. 

Photos courtesy of Imaxtree and Matteo Volta

And here's the runway video if you want to see the clothes in movement:

This being said, Milan Fashion Week is over, long live Paris Fashion Week! It just started yesterday so I'll be right here with the most amazing shows! See you later ;)

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