Milan Fashion Week: Gucci

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Milan is so different from what I've seen so far! Everything spells exaggeration, bold colors, prints, everybody just seems to have a lot of fun. The Gucci collection is outrageously cool with a colorful palette, mixing snakeskin, sheer dresses, crazy colored furs and fedoras. The collection is undoubtedly inspired from the 70s with fur covered shoulders, tie-at-the-neck blouses and gaucho trousers. The designer herself cited Helmut Newton and photographs of Anjelica Huston from that period as part of her inspiration. I don't even know what I was most impressed by, I just can't pick favorite pieces because as soon as I pick one then another one comes to mind and then another one and I just never stop! Still maybe I should say that the long dresses have an great flow, that the coats and skirts create amazing silhouettes and that the accessories are simply perfect. Editing was almost impossible, so this is the shortest version I could come up with of my favorite pieces on the runway, I'm sure you won't mind a few more pictures as usually ;)

And here's the runway video if you want to see more of this amazing show:

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