London Fashion Week: Marios Schwab

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

This is the last day of posts about womenswear at the London Fashion Week, as tomorrow will be all about the men's collections, so enjoy it while it lasts... or well... actually until Fashion Week in Milan starts.. oh wait... that's right about NOW... I guess you won't have to wait that long then ;) About this show, I really liked Marios Schwab's collection because he used a lot of leather in his creations which I haven't seen much of lately. Also, the colors were very beautiful with both soft and rusty fall shades and occasional dashes of brighter colors. Personal favorites? The black cutout dress with white appliques, the black leather blazer, the rust-colored leather dress and the one with white appliques on the straps, the rusty leather pants-white shirt combo and of course the shoes (I actually have shoes that look a lot like that!). Here are some of my favorite pieces:

And here's the runway video if you're interested in seeing more:

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