Berlin Fashion Week: Day 4

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Fashion Week is so tiring with my two blog posts a day to keep you tuned in to the latest news... but I'm not complaining, I love it! So the first show of today's post is from Blacky Dress, a label of Frank Henke Mode whose motto is styling with style - clear lines, classic cuts and high-class materials. I love the asymmetrical cuts, the pleating and the subtle animal prints. The AW collection's themes are straightness and cleanness in both materials and shapes, it all looks very inspiring! Here are some pictures of my favorite looks (don't forget the one on the top as well):

Did you notice something in particular? The shoes from ZARA that I was talking about yesterday! They're also here, check the last picture! Apparently the German fashion world has got a crush on them! Here's the backstage and catwalk video (the makeup is quite interesting too):

The next show is from Kilian Kerner and it's our comeback to shows with live music. The designer has a long relationship with music, having live bands at his shows very often and he even collaborated with Ivory to create the concept of a video for them. The tagline of the collection is "Lie down beside me", inviting the audience to dream and take a breath. Again we can see the asymmetrical cuts from the Blacky Dress show and some recurring colors - he seems to be on the same color note with the Hugo by Hugo Boss collection we saw yesterday, with bright pink suits and accessories for men. What do you think, is this going to be the new trend of the year? Feel free to answer the poll on the right side of the screen! Here are the most intriguing pieces:

And here's the video! Be sure to check out the long flowy pink dress, as the picture I posted doesn't reveal too much.

Last for now is a mixed show with pieces from designers Ida Sjöstedt, Diana Orving and Camilla Norrback. The show was very entertaining, from the modern day Lolitas of Ida Sjöstedt, the luxurious wool coats from Diana Orving and the freshness and playful style of Camilla Norrback. My favorite pieces were the following:

And here's the video! I love the tights on Camilla Norrback's opening piece!

I'll check in with you later!


B. said...

Please provide more top quality content regarding male fashion from the Berlin show :D

Sam said...

There are not so many menswear collections... sorry about that! But from time to time there are a few menswear pieces in a collection, like for example Hugo by Hugo Boss or Kilian Kerner :) It would also help me hear your requests better if you also shoed some interest in the poll about MENSWEAR on the right side of the screen ;)

B said...

Well I don't see how the poll about pink suits for men will help you, unless you want to design some, but I'm afraid that real, rugged men won't want to wear them.

Sam said...

hmm.. i'm sure real rugged men would have answered the poll really quickly, being sure of themselves and their opinions :p

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