Berlin Fashion Week: Day 2 Part 2

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Sorry for making you excessively curious with only one video this morning, I'll make it up to you with a lot more right now! The first show is was Austrian designer Lena Hoschek's collection. She studied fashion in Vienna, had a job as an assistant to Vivienne Westwood in London and started her own label by the time she was 24! Her collection can be described as feminine and retro, mixing her passion for 40s and 50s movie stars with punk and rock'n'roll music, tatoos, bad guys and fast cars as she says. What I liked from her show? The intimate atmosphere with the rugs on the runway and dim lighting - it feels like being in a boudoir, instead of in front of so many people, then the lush fabrics, the beautiful prints and the shoes. My favorite pieces were probably the red flowy knee-length skirt with the checkered shirt and the lace dress. The ending was really nice, with all the models walking the runway with little girls dressed in the same spirit. Here's the video:

The next runway show that I'm going to present is the one from Lever Couture - Sensual Obsession by designer Lessja Verllingieri. As the title of the show may have warned you, this show was all about sensuality and about emphasizing the feminine silhouette through beautiful corsages and luxurious materials. What I liked about the show was the ethereal feeling of the clothes and the shapes. My favorite pieces were the black mini with the see-through train, the pink mini, the over-the-top ruffly white mini and the other two minis that appear in the line up at the end. A lot of minis!

Later that day it was Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos's turn to present the collection for his label, Dimitri. His resume is as impressive as Lena's - after graduating from an international fashion school and obtaining a master's degree in fashion design in Milan, he interned with Vivienne Westwood ad Jill Sander and started his label in 2006. What I really liked about his show were the earth tones, the flow if his materials and the headbands. Special pieces? in my opinion, the pleated white dress, the maxi dresses and the fringed red mini (do you see a tendency towards minis among my favourites?!?! Must be an obsession I didn't know I had!)

If you're not tired yet, i have a last video up my sleeve for today, the one from Baltic Fashion Catwalk, a creative mix from five designers of the Baltic fashion scene. What I found strange in this show, was that the models in the first part didn't wear heels, which made them look short and bulky - and let's face it, they surely aren't - and it didn't do any justice to the clothes either. But the other designers had something going on. What most interested me was a part of the menswear collections and the simple black dress with the brown belt and HEELS.

I hope you enjoyed it! Follow me tomorrow for the third day of the Berlin Fashion Week!

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