The possimpible just happened

Thursday, 30 September 2010

I just went through a major emotional crisis about two hours ago... I went at this party organized by my university and on my way out I found out that someone had stolen my jacket from the cloak room... My perfect ZARA knitwear military jacket that I had bought just a month ago and that was sold out in every store within my reach... My ZARA jacket that perfectly encompassed this fall's military and knitwear trend. How can that even be possible?

I went to get my jacket and instead of that I found the scarf that I had tucked in inside the sleeve of the jacket. So clearly someone just wanted to steal it, you don't just trip and accidentally fall into a jacket that's not yours, remove the scarf, put it on the rack where the jacket was and then leave with something that doesn't belong to you. I don't understand this country. I've travelled through so many cities around Europe and some small parts of Africa and Asia and I didn't get mugged once and it happens to me here, in a developed country, a country way over the standard of life of many other countries. Plus, I had to bike home without my warm jacket and it was really cold outside...

There is a good part in all this though - it helped me realize how much I appreciate some of the small things in life, like a great warm jacket on a cold autumn night. Great thing is that I found in one of the few ZARA online stores, so I'll have it back in about 10 days!

Has something like that ever happened to you? Feel free to share your story with me, so I can feel less stupid about it!
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