Vintage, Handmade & Designer fair @ Villa Rodizio

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Dress to impress. Villa Rodizio.

Today I went to the Dress to impress vintage, handmade and designer fair at the Villa Rodizio in Bucharest. The location was gorgeous, the villa's main entrance overlooking the garden took you to a huge hallway where it all began. Designers and visitors chatted, changing impressions about the pieces presented, people were squirming around trying to decide what designers had the most interesting creations, it was a beautiful chaotic atmosphere!

The villa offered the perfect decor for all the vintage pieces - stained glass windows, antique furniture, watercolour paintings on the walls. Here are some of my favourite photographs that I shot today. I can only hope they will render as much magic as the place itself!

Vintage purses and jewelry from Italian Vintage - Anamaria Negoita

I first saw evintage at the antiques fairs on Aviatorilor Bd. and I loved them from the beginning. I always am very glad to see them at these fairs, because they have really beautiful things, from jewelry and scarves to purses, everything is just perfect! And if that doesn't convince you, take a look at the trouble they take in creating the decor of their spot.

Decor. evintage.


I also discovered here a really cool jewelry designer Alexandra Furcic Marcu, from Modamania Design. She mixes ribbons and metal and the result is just stunning! Funny thing is that I tagged along a friend of mine to this fair and he had this idea of photographing Alexandra's necklaces at somebody's neck. Well I was his guinea pig for this and I ended up liking one of the necklaces so much, that I bought it! Thanks Costin!

Jewelry. Modamania Design.

Quirky T-Shirts from Antante

Vintage & New

The End

As I was about to leave the fashion show started... but that's another story! If you haven't had a chance of going until now, I heartily recommend it. The fair will be open until 8 PM tomorrow.

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