Rome at sunset

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take,
but by the number o moments that take your breath away."

Some days just don't look anything like the others, today for example I finished some work I had to do that I had been procrastinating since forever and I felt liberated! That's how I thought of the theme of today's post - moments that take your breath away. Doesn't this picture incorporate just that?

I always thought that the Tiber that flows through Rome wasn't as exciting as other rivers. I had already seen it a few years ago the first time I was in Rome and I hadn't seen anything special about it. I always had this image in my head about the perfect river that passes through a city and it resembled the Seine passing through Paris. A few weeks ago when I was in Rome I discovered however that I had been totally wrong! I don't know which part of the Tiber I had seen last time, but what I found now was stunning!

The river has the same strange beauty of the Seine, winding around big old buildings and you can take a walk on its banks. There are a lot of bridges crossing it, even ruins of old Roman ones in the middle of it and what is most astonishing is that there is even an island!

Overlooking San Pietro

Signore, scusi! Am I in Rome or in Paris? Which river is this?

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