The fashion show @ Villa Rodizio

Sunday, 4 July 2010

As I told you yesterday, by the end of the first day of the Vintage, Handmade & Designer Fair at the Villa Rodizio there was a fashion show. It took me by surprise, I was looking at some clothes when I suddenly heard the loud music and saw people taking pictures - I was practically on the runway when it began!

Pink illusion I

Pink illusion II

I went backwards through the crowd, trying to find a good spot to take some pictures, but of course everything good was already taken by people who knew better and actually watched their watches to see what time it was!


All eyes on her

The really cool part was when the models started disappearing and I didn't know where... and then I saw one right in front of my nose! After the catwalk, the models continued showing off the clothes passing through all the rooms of the villa - that's where I found the best place to photograph them. Look at how concentrated this model looks, even though she wasn't on the runway but in another room:


This is one of my favourite shots, because I managed to get both the model and the photographer who was trying to get his best shot of her.

Getting the best shot

Whoever organised this runway show really thought outside of the box by extending the show into the setting of the fair. It seemed less distant and cold, you could actually see the clothes and the people were happy to see the models passing amongst them. Bravo!

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