Beach fashion

Sunday, 25 July 2010

These past days I've been enjoying the sun, the water and the sand, but my eyes stood still many times because of some weird beach styles... What's your take on beach fashion? Are you a leather bag - platform shoes or more of a flip-flop - beach bag person?

I personally find it weird seeing people with Chanel or Louis Vuitton leather bags on the beach... or with platform sandals barely managing to walk in the sand and clinging to the arm of a friend or companion! But hey, some people just wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of flip-flops... (even though all big fashion houses also make them) If they don't mind why should I?

Top 3 weirdest styles:

1. Chanel 2.55 flap bag on the shoulder while walking through the sand in a bikini...
2. The Neverfull GM or various forms of Keepalls from LV spreading each day farther and farther...
3. Huge platform sandals. Or high-heeled clogs. Or summer boots. In the sand.

What could a fashion addict do if she can't bear parting with her designer bag? Well she could at least try to get a beach bag, as most of the designers also have such items. I spotted yesterday a Louis Vuitton amber cruise tote and a raffia bag from Juicy Couture and they were just perfect for a day on the beach!


Anaal Nathrakh said...

First of all, why weren't you at the beach with your hot buddy Nathrakh????

Secondly, I'm sure if Louis Vuitton would be awakened from the dead, the dumb chicks with leather bags on the beach would be slapped by him!

Sam said...

hahaha poor LV. Thanks for your comments, you could've chosen a better name though!

Anaal Nathrakh said...

Always a pleasure!

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