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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

YSL, 1971 (Photographed by Jeanloup Sieff)

"- What is your biggest fault?"
- Timidity."

Maybe not many of you are aware of how shy Yves Saint Laurent really was, maybe you thought that his answer from the Proust questionnaire as to which his biggest fault is was not very earnest. After all who could blame you? Who could think that such a great artist could be that shy? Especially when you see one of his most known pictures - the one opening this post. That's why I wanted to talk to you about this today and show you a video where you can really see how shy he was, while on the other hand presenting you pieces from his most controversial collection, a collection that brought worldwide media discontent, whereas before he had been crowned "Le Prince de la Mode" by those same journalists.

And now after that video, two pieces from his controversial 1968 collection:

1968: The backless dress

1968: The see through dress

Maybe not as controversial as these other pieces, the smoking was however largely debated over, when Yves Saint Laurent decided to dress women in it. Here is probably the most famous picture of any Yves Saint Laurent smoking shot by Helmut Newton, that appeared in an issue of Vogue from 1975.

1975: Le smoking (Photographed by Helmut Newton)

No matter how bold his creations, inside he always remained this timid young boy that created amazing dresses without even thinking about what he was about to design. He used to say that he used to first draw the face and then the dress just kind of drew itself.

1954: The design that won him a job at Dior fashion House

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