Street Delivery @ Pictor Verona

Sunday, 13 June 2010

As some of the people who live in Bucharest already know, these days Carturesti library and the Romanian Architects' Guild have been organizing this strange but beautiful event called Street Delivery on Arthur Verona St.

You'll probably ask yourself why strange... well because it's so great that one can barly judge something like this possible in Bucharest! The event stretches on 3 days and its main goal is to show people how it would be like if we had more streets transformed into pedestrian areas. But that's not all it is to it - they have organized a huge event around this idea with street performers, musicians, different organizations that present their work (usually related to protecting the environment or architecture and urbanism) and look for volunteers, they even have lonely pets and pets they rescued from the street to give away for free!

It will all be unfortunately over this evening, but hey! everybody's already waiting for next years' Street Delivery!

As I missed the other Street Deliveries the past 3 years, I said to myself that this year I had to be there, despite the excruciating heat! Lucky for you... I forgot my camera... but I'm going there again this evening to take as many shots as possible. Hopefully I'll find the same gorgeous crowd I saw there last night!

My Top 5 attractions:

1. The magic act and the mentalist - two great guys putting up a great show on the street, getting all the attention they need from the avid crowd. Plus they're raising money for a children's hospital. I'll tell you all about it in another post, I thought I was delusional by the end of it!

2. The grass garden - where you can sit on chairs or pillows with your bare feet in the cold grass while listening to some guy playing a soft jazzy music on the piano. Just awesome!

3. The music, especially the "Modulab" where they organize great jam sessions all day long. I thought it was very interesting when I saw 2 little gipsy kids playing the drums with the professionals! These kids really are quick learners!

4. All the different workshops for kids - pottery, painting pottery, making stickers and others. They seemed to have a lot of fun!

5. Al the vintage clothing shops... bags... sunglasses... dresses... shoes.... they were incredible!!!

And then there was of course the graffiti they were doing... on a whole house - like a trademark of the festival that is allowed to remain on the building until next year's Street Delivery when it will be replaced by the new one. How cool a tradition is that?

I'll get back with fresh pictures and maybe new stories!

PS: For those of you who want to check out the programme of the festival or any information related to the different organizations or shops present there, you can find it online under


Iulia said...

The pets were not for sale,they were rescued from the street and put up for adoption(free).It's important to know the difference,please.

Sam said...

I'm really sorry I didn't ask, I should have thought they were for free, I just didn't think about it... and I had seen for example that one of the dogs had just lost his owner and that he was looking for a new one. I just changed my post saying the pets were there to be given away for free!

To make up for this mistake (because probably not many people will look back to this post) I'll publish tomorrow some pictures of the cute dogs and cats I saw and I'll say then where they came from!

Thank you for being so attentive! If you find any other mistakes, please let me know and I'll change them as soon as possible :)

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